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Buying a Home with OfferDash®

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Browse open house schedules or request a tour with a Local Agent.

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Draft, sign and submit your offer directly to the seller or listing agent, Free!

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We’ll help manage escrow, inspections & your key pick-up!

50% Commission Credit!

When you’ve found the home you want to buy, just draft your online offer or work with your OfferDash® approved agent to lock down your new home. By using our online Offer system, you’ll recieve 50% of any commissions your Partner Agent receives from the Seller.*

Agent Commission credits can be used to pay closing costs, buy down mortgage rates or even reduce your purchase price!

How selling with OfferDash® works

Choose Your Sales Path

Select between a Cash Offer Auction, DIY Listing or list on the MLS for 1%.

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Get negotiation tips from local experts and accept/reject offers from your dashboard.

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Our local Agents will manage escrow, inspections and get you paid!

Sell Faster + Earn More

Listing commission fees can take a huge chunk of your equity when you sell a home. Get an offer in 24 hours and pay $0 in commissions when you Sell through an OfferDash® Cash Offer Auction!

Want full MLS listing exposure? Choose between a DIY For Sale By Owner listing or list with a local full-service Partner Agent for a low 1% listing success fee.

Save Time, Money and Hassle

Smart technology and expert support help you get the perfect home at the best price.


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